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11. 26. 2004

Little Tikes RFID Kitchens

Little Tikes has a whole new series of kids' toy kitchens full of interactive technology. The MagiCook Kitchen comes with pretend food embedded with electronic tags (RFID) that can be read by sensors on the stovetop which then respond with the appropriate comment in three languages (English, French, and Spanish). The kitchen comes with 5 food items and 100 phrases but additional food accessory packs can be added to increase the responses to 700 phrases. I like the birthday pack myself. The MagiCook Kitchen is $90 and the additional packs are $13-$15.

The Cookin' Fun Interactive Kitchen is for budding gadgetphiles. There's the same RFID technology, but the Cookin' Fun kitchen is focused on the tools of cooking, like the microwave and coffeemaker, all of which make realistic sounds when the motion detectors are triggered. It comes with thirteen kitchen accessories and you can buy more, like the Cookin' Fun Blender for making pretend smoothies. The kitchen is $120.
The other available playsets are the Cookin' Sounds Gourmet Kitchen for the junior non-felon Martha Stewart or Emeril; the Electronic Home Kitchen (this is going on my Christmas list, I think); and the Tender Heart Tea Party Kitchen.
These sound like really fun, and educational toys for little girls and boys. They're all intended for children 2 and up.

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