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06. 18. 2004

Electric Dish Brush

(This review is by the awesome BRo0Ke.)
My latest gadget is far from being fancy and the

technology behind it won't wow anyone. It's so simple

that I wonder why nobody hasn't come up with it

sooner. I'm talking about my kitchen savior -

the Dawn Power Dish Brush.
I cook my own meal pretty often and am trying

to cook "healthy" as mush as possible. Of course,

that usually translates to grilling and not deep

frying or any method with lots of oil involved.

And that, my friend, tends to leave you with a very

nasty rough & stubborn stain behind to clean up

and ruin your hands and nails in the process... as if

dish washing hasn't done its fair share already.

You would think that when you decide (against

your better judgment) to spend the money on decent

cookwares instead of your months-long, lusting after,

wishlisty gadget, the least your investment could do

for you is to *not* add more work to the work amount

it's supposed to reduce. The last time I made my favorite

recipe, grilled lemongrass chicken, it took me three days

before I could get rid of all the burnt bits and pieces

off the so-called nonstick pan. I scrubbed

with the sponge. I left hot water in the pan overnight.

I boiled vinegarsolution in it -- pretty much anything I

could think of. Three friggin days of periodically checking

in to the kitchen to see whether the stain has "softened up".

Suffice to say, I haven't grilled any lemongrass chicken since.
Then I stumbled upon my knight in a shiny, white (albeit plastic)

armor in the cleaning solution aisle one day. It was the last

one left on a rather new display that made it kinda stand out.

At close inspection, the Dawn Power dish brush is a foot-long stick

similar to that of a stick blender, with a rubber button and a

replaceable brush head, and runs on batteries (4 AAs) -- sort of like an electric toothbrush for the kitchen. I love my Braun electric toothbrush, so the Dawn brush really appealed to me. My only concern at the time was that the battery-powered brush might not possess enough vigor to fight the seemingly immovable stain foe. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try anyway

since the price was reasonable enough ($8.xx). As an insurance, I also bought Dawn Power Dissolver. Just in case. Next stop... poultry section! Can't try the brush without the stain now, can I?
As it turned out, I didn't even need the DPD -- though I have

to say it was a nice added bonus. The brush worked wonderfully

with just warm water and the dish washing detergent. Extra

pressure was needed here and there, but overall it got the

job done in under a minute. Now I'm impressed! These days I use

the DPB exclusively for the pots, pans, and the acrylic cutting

board. I found that it also works well in scrubbing off the

label glue that was left behind on the surface without leaving

any scratching mark, too. So far after a week of daily use,

the brush is still going strong. I have yet to see how long

the batteries last, but I estimate that it should last for

a while.
A happily married friend once told me, if she were to have an

affair, it would be with her Dyson. I think I now can say the

same for me with Dawn Power Dish Brush. Now... if only they

would come up with one for the bathroom!

Posted by Mia    Category: home
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